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About and cost study's

If you are visiting for the first time, we hope it will be useful to you. The Society exists to meet the professional and developmental needs of education consultants and to help those looking for an education consultant find the right person to meet their needs. Both strands of our work are underpinned by the SEC Quality Assurance Service.


Creating a centre of excellence on your campus

Our International Study Centre (ISC) approach creates a dedicated facility for international students on your campus – under your branding. Here, students study academic preparation courses taught by highly trained Study Group staff. We also help with cultural and study skills, and provide the pastoral care and close support students often need when they study away from home.

Bespoke academic content created with you

Study Group has years of experience in creating courses that help students to attain the level of language, learning and academic knowledge they need to progress at graduate or postgraduate level. Our academic experts work closely with your faculty teams to create course-specific content to prepare for Bachelors degrees or Masters programmes.

Each course is carefully designed to ensure students attain the levels of competence you set before they join mainstream learning. Pathways can be flexible. Some universities and colleges prefer a foundation course that precedes year one studies. Others transition students into year two. Some prefer us to take students all the way to a degree within the International Study Centre environment. Our partnership approach makes any of these possible.

A low-risk model for our university and college partners

As a partner, the Study Group approach requires little or no initial investment on your part. We develop and staff the International Study Centre and take responsibility for creating the courses, and recruiting and supporting the students. You simply look forward to a more diverse intake of quality international students.

Cost (approximate estimation) for education in a Canadian, America, Australia, New Zealand Education price:

  • ESL. 2 levels. 6 month. 8 levels available. $ 9000 USD  (Application fee and Tuition fee 7000$, 2000$  our service, legal fee, visa fee) 
  • ESL. 3 levels. 1year. 12 levels available. $13,000 USD
  • Accounting. 1year. $14,500 USD + Work Permit
  • Business administration diploma. 6 month. $10 450 USD + Work visa
  • Global Trade and Marketing Diploma. 6 month. $10 000 USD + Work visa
  • Personal Support Worker. 7 month. $9000 USD + Work Permit
  • Bachelor of Business Information System*. 3+ years. $55 000 USD + Work Permit + Family move (Payment  will be paid partly every year) 
  • Technical Support Analyst. 1 year. $13 800 USD - Bachelor of Interior Design. 3 years. $60 000 USD  + Work Permit + Family move (Payment  will be paid partly every year) 
  • Graphic Design & Interactive Media Diploma. 12 month. $22 600 USD + Work Permit + Family move (Payment  will be paid partly) 
  • Film Production Diploma. 2 years. $32 000 CAD + Work Permit + Family move (Payment  will be paid partly) 
  • Acting for Film TV & The Theatre Diploma. 2 years. $32 000 CAD + Work Permit + Family move (Payment  will be paid partly) 
  • Video Game Design & Development Diploma. $32 000 CAD + Work Permit + Family move (Payment  will be paid partly)    
  • Fashion Design Diploma. 24 month $32 000 CAD + Work Permit + Family move (Payment  will be paid partly) 
  • Marketing for Fashion and Entertainment. 24 month $32 000 CAD + Work Permit + Family move (Payment  will be paid partly) 

* 40% and 50% discount for some students available.
* 50%-60% of tuition fee as initial deposit required. 
Prices are a subject to change and include application fee, tuition fee, N&M Bright Future Agency fee and UK Tax, legal fee, visa application fee, bank charges
The above prices are given for a single candidate/student and do NOT include the following expenses: translation / notary / postal services, bank charges (if return), medical / criminal checks, tickets, medical insurance, airport pickup, accommodation, etc.

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