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Employment services

“N&M Bright Future” uses her extensive experience in working with children and schools to offer  professional guidance to families regarding their child’s educational future.
“N&M Bright Future” offers a variety of services, depending on your particular needs. 

These include working with you to:

  • Identify the needs of your child academically, with attention to social and emotional factors
  • Help you understand the world of colleges in Canada, UK, UAE, USA.
  • Recommend appropriate schools most likely to bring out the best in your child
  • Assist you in navigating various admission processes
  • Advocate appropriately for your child throughout the admission cycle
  • Administer tests necessary for applying to independent schools in a non-threatening, comfortable environment
  • Obtain guidance for parenting or referrals for outside professional resources
  • Assess a student’s achievement level as he or she progresses through school

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