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General information

At what stage in the process will the Doctor's receive Employment Contract and LMIA?

Preliminary Employment Contract is already available and copy can be submitted for your review. LMIA will be submitted as applicant goes through all the stages of becoming a Family Physician and meeting all the necessary requirements in order to work in Canada.

How do I know if the education of Doctor qualify the applicant to work in Canada?

His institution and program should be found in this website - If his institution or program is not listed, let us know and we will do additional review for this particular person.

How do I know if the work experience of Doctor qualify the applicant to work in Canada?

2-3 years of work experience should match job duties listed in the Employment Contract (we suggest 50% or more). If Doctor feels competent about this, there should be no problem.

Where will Doctors take the MCCEE examination?

MCCEE examination is available in about 80 countries so ideally, they should do it in their country, but they can do it in Canada while being on Visitor Visa or Study Permit.

Can Doctors work while preparing for the MCCEE examination?

Unfortunately no

MCCEE is a tough exam and there are several major stages that Doctors have to undergo which include: Confirmation of Medical Degree, Taking of on-line assessment exam, Submitting credentials with the MCC Physician Credential Repository, Taking the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE). Will there be assistance from your end or are they doing it on their own?

Yes, my contact side and we will fully help the applicants in this regard. However, each Doctor must do their best to prepare well for this exam. We cannot write the exam for them. Passing MCCEE will be very rewarding for the applicant.

Where is the Doctor going to work?

Doctors will be working in Alberta, British Columbia or Saskatchewan (more likely remote areas and smaller cities)

How will the Doctors receive Permanent Residence in Canada?

We will look into both Federal Skilled Worker/Express Entry and PNP Health Care Professional programs (depending on the situation and province). Applying right away for Federal Skilled Worker program might be possible as well.

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