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International Recruitment for Doctors and Nurses

When you need to address skill shortages in key clinical or service areas, it's often worthwhile considering recruiting from other countries. Many full-time positions are now filled by international healthcare candidates.

International healthcare recruitment can be a complex process, but our dedicated International Recruitment teams have years of experience of working in many countries across the world and so can guide you through the intricacies involved.

Based on a thorough understanding of culture, beliefs, values and ideas of the countries we source from, “N&M Bright Future” can advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of recruiting from particular parts of the world, backed up by in-depth knowledge of international registration bodies and right to work legislation for all staff groups

Through regular recruitment campaigns in key source countries we have built up a strong database of candidates who are actively looking for work. Alternatively we can design, deliver and manage a bespoke campaign, incorporating dedicated overseas recruitment projects, to meet your specific recruitment needs.

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