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Online Learning

What is Online Learning?

An online learning course is one you take without meeting a teacher in a classroom. You can study at home or at work - wherever you like, whenever you like, within a prescribed time frame. Most courses do not require that you be online at a certain time of day or night, but that you are active in the course during the schedule. You cannot start courses late nor finish early.

Is Online Learning for me?

If you prefer to study at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office, or if you live a distance from our campuses, these courses are for you. Although online learning is a convenient way to take courses, it is not necessarily suited to all students. Some students find it difficult to study independently and need the face to face interaction with the instructor and students that is found in a classroom setting. Online learning students must have self-discipline and excellent reading, writing, and analytic skills.

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