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Resume Tips

Below is a list of guidelines for preparing your resume. Please read through them before sending it in.

  1. Your resume must be in English.
  2. It should be one or two pages in length, and never exceed three.
  3. Place your name and contact information at the top of your resume. You may even place this information in the header so that it appears on both pages.
  4. Include in your resume your education, work experience and special abilities, such as language and information technology skills.
  5. When presenting your work experience, begin with the most recent experience and go backwards.
  6. When describing past work experience, include the country in which you worked as well as the position you held and the responsibilities you had. The name of the company and the job title by themselves arenot enough information.
  7. Set out not only your trade but also the 4 or 5 most important job duties you performed in that trade.
  8. The specific addresses of past employers are not necessary; just the city and country will suffice. Employers will learn more about the firms locations when seeking references from them.
  9. Be sure to indicate your competencies in written and spoken English, as well as any other languages you studied.
  10. List any professional designations or certificates you have, but do not send copies of these until specifically asked to do so.
  11. Send your resume as an attachment in Microsoft word or PDF; do not put it in the body of your email.

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