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1. Student visas (including selection of universities and the subsequent options for obtaining permanent residence)

Study Abroad - Canada

Opportunities to study abroad are available to students from around the world. Students can apply to Canadian immigration to study at Whistler Adventure School if they are enrolled into one of our full programs. WAS offers the chance to study abroad for one year in Whistler while learning new skills, exploring the mountains and continuing in education.

Canadian Study Visa and Study Permits

All international students requiring a study permit will have to apply through the Canadian immigration website and will need to have a Letter of Acceptance and Work Requirement letter issued by the school. Expect to wait unto 6 weeks for your study visa and study permits to be processed.

International Student Training Courses

International students will be trained on our courses with real world skills. The specialized training uses a 4 weeks course format and WAS provides all the equipment needed on courses.

International Student Registration Details

  • Current processing times for permitting within Canada are 6-12 weeks approximately but may be longer. For applicants overseas, your Study Permit will be processed at the Canadian Embassy responsible for your country.  Applicants who require a Temporary Resident Visa to travel to Canada must request this at the same time as their Study Permit.

  • Many of our students decide to arrive in Canada earlier than their expected start date to ensure that they are prepared and settled in their new surroundings before beginning their program.

  • For full details please visit the Canadian Immigration Website


International Student Registration Process

To be eligible to register in a Whistler Adventure School program and receive your study and/or work permit you must meet the following conditions: (Please read the full conditions here)

  • You must have a Letter of Acceptance from WAS.
  • Your intended employment is an essential part of your program of study in Canada; Please check if you are eligible to work as a co-op or intern while attending WAS here.
  • Your employment must be part of your academic program, certified by a letter from an official at WAS.
  • Your co-op employment cannot be more than 50 percent of the total program of study.
  • You must be 16 years of age or older.
  • You must meet English language requirements.
  • The paperwork submitted to Canadian Immigration must be completed by the students applying or by an Immigration professional. Please contact WAS for an Immigration Services recommendation.

How to Register:​​​​​​​​​​

  1. Complete and Submit the Online Application
  2. Pay the Admission Fee of $125 & International Program Deposit of $1750; (WAS will issue you a letter of acceptance - LOA.) If your application is deemed to be "high risk" of rejection by Canadian Immigration, WAS may request the full program payment before issuing a LOA.
  3. Complete and Submit the Study Permit Application and the Student Co-Op Permit to Canadian Immigration.  (Canadian Immigration determines eligibility for a Study Permit)
  4. If required Complete and Submit the Temporary Resident Visa; This will depend on your country of origin, please check with the Canadian Immigration Website. (Canadian Immigration determines eligibility for a Visa)
  5. Once you have received your Study Permit, Co-Op Permit and/or Temporary Residence Visa from Canadian Immigration please submit a copy of all permits to WAS administration.
  6. Your WAS program registration is now complete; WAS administration will schedule your courses and request additional tuition payments as required. 


2. Working visas (including employment and subsequent versions of obtaining permanent residence)

3. Guest visas (including Super Visa, major travel by delegations, groups and academics)


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