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Matching Foreign Workers with Employers in Need of Their Skills

Canada, UK, Europe and New Zealand offer a wealth of opportunity for hard working immigrants. Our recruitment agency focuses on matching skilled foreign workers ready to live and work in those countries with employers in need of their skills. We introduce qualified candidates to solid companies. Our clients are usually not looking for workers interested in a short term contract. They want to attract workers (and their families) who are serious for long-time employment.

After we introduce a potential worker to a particular country’s employer, we assist the employer in learning more about the worker so that they can make an informed hiring decision. This can even include a representative from the Canadian employer meeting with you.

When you have been offered a job by an employer, we can help you in your application to obtain a Work Permit. Upon arrival, our firm’s goal is to act as a trusted point of contact to ensure fair treatment and to help deal with any other concerns that may arise.

We can also provide you with information on how you can obtain permanent residence in Canada.

If you are a skilled worker with provable experience in your trade, we are interested in discussing how we can help you work in the countries above.

N&M Bright Future Company has strong ties with international recruiters and therefore it ensures that an international worker gets good proposal available in the tough and competitive job market. Shortly, the Company provides candidate with the following services:

  1. Finding jobs and sending job offers to candidates
  2. Facilitating induction days of the candidates in the foreign country by picking them up at airports and introducing them to their employees and workplaces
  3. Introducing candidates to their place of stay
  4. Ensuring that the candidates get their wages on time

N&M Bright Future will make sure that your experience in your new country will be smooth and interesting.

In order to apply for the N&M Bright Future service, the applicant has to submit online application form. The application is available only for those who have passed our initial eligibility assessment questions. 

Once we find the applicant eligible, we send him/her a registration link (application link) to his/her email address. After registration, the applicant may start filling in the application form, attach the needed documents and forms to the application, and provide with the additional documents in case it is required. 

The application can be saved anytime and the user can continue editing it later from his MyProfile page after login.

During the application, the applicant has to make a payment of 2500 GBP of which 2250 GBP is pledge amount and the rest of 250 GBP is service payment (admin fee). The applicant will receive the total pledge amount in the end of the contractual period or the visa application is rejected. Admin fee amount of 250 GBP is used for the purposes of applicant’s application registration and documentation management, and in any case it is not returned to the applicant.

The applicant can make a payment through the following channels:

  •     Bank Transfer
  •     Western Union / MoneyGram
  •     PayPal

N&M Bright Future takes the responsibility to prepare your documents and get you a job offer in a defined country.

All the required documents from your side must be provided by you and you can leave the rest of the process to us. Our best practice service will assure you to be successful in competitive job market.

There are certain agreements (such as Contract and Pledge Agreements) need to be signed between You as a Client and Us, N&M Bright Future as a service provider. During the application process you will be provided with these agreement and contracts.

N&M Bright Future assures that you have all needed documents for your visa application. Our service includes the full support in your visa application process. However, the decision made on the visa issuance is determined by the defined country government. 


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